The Finest, Freshest Food Expertly Prepared & Beautifully Presented

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Our traditional style atmosphere is complimented by modern touches and accented by our love for sports. At our restaurant you can see our wall of fame showcasing athletes and celebrities who love Kabuki and our great food!


Every order made from our chefs is an example of our high quality creations. You will also enjoy a variety of delicious food.


Come on in and treat yourself to an array of culinary masterpieces. Our chefs, from The International Sushi Academy in Los Angeles, are professionally trained to create culinary perfection from the freshest ingredients.

Our chefs have over 5 years of experience each. You will get the best tasting sushi that is created by professionals trained to create unique flavors and delicious foods.


Our creative chefs will create excellent sushi just for you:


• Specialty rolls

• Fresh ingredients

• Tasty flavor combinations


You can choose from over 50 different kinds of sushi rolls. We have a roll for every type of taste and flavor you want to experience.


You'll know that you are getting the best available sushi rolls, no matter which roll you choose.


Stop in today and try all of our sushi rolls in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. We can satisfy your unique tastes.

Satisfy your unique taste

Delicious sushi rolls made to order for you